Are you reading enough?

I started this blog because I realized I wasn’t reading enough. Reading more books has always been on my “resolutions list” but it never had a great success. When I got an e-book reader as a gift, my reading performances increased drastically but I soon realized that I was stopping again. I then asked myself how could I change this and I thought that, if I could read just a little, day by day, I would get used to read more and eventually I would reach my target. I then started to look for enjoyable short stories and, luckily, I found many stories that got my attention. I began to print the stories on paper and to bring them with me in my lunch break, I’m kind of “old school” and I still enjoy reading on paper rather than on a screen.

I still think I’m not reading enough and I started this blog to push myself more and at the same time also help other people. As you might suspect I’m a really lazy guy and I hope that by keeping this blog updated, it will help me in reading more. I need your help though, please have a look at the short stories, leave a comment, share this blog with your friends and family and most of all, read! In the home page you’ll find that every post contain a short story, you can read it on the screen or if you prefer print a paper version and bring it with you everywhere you like.

Are you a writer?

If you wonder where the stories come from..most of the stories I post are in the public domain, meaning that the exclusive intellectual property rights have expired, have been forfeited, or are inapplicable. I’m also in contact with some emerging writer and my intention is to give them a lot of space, I’m willing to encourage young talented writers and if you are one of them or you know one, please get in contact with me! If the blog goes well, hopefully, I will manage to contact some major writer and post their stories as well.

About me

I’m Riccardo, a structural engineer, born in Italy and living in the UK. I’ve got many interests including photography, hiking, good food and of course wine. In the photo below I’m enjoying a “day out” on site doing a survey for a major refurbishment project of an historic victorian building in Edinburgh.

If you like my blog, please share it with all your friends and family and help me to spread the reading culture!